This is a very fast break down of everything you need to start using Ripe Atlas on the command line. Viewing public data is quick & easy, while creation is a little more complicated, since you need to setup your authorisation key.

Viewing Public Data

  1. Install the toolkit.
  2. View help with: ripe-atlas --help
  3. View a basic report for a public measurement: ripe-atlas report <measurement_id>
  4. View the live stream for a measurement: ripe-atlas stream <measurement_id>
  5. Get a list of probes in ASN 3333: ripe-atlas probe-search --asn 3333
  6. Get a list of measurements with the word “wikipedia” in them: ripe-atlas measurement-search --search wikipedia

Creating a Measurement

  1. Log into RIPE Atlas. If you don’t have an account, you can create one there for free.
  2. Visit the API Keys page and create a new key with the permission Create a new user defined measurement
  3. Install the toolkit as below.
  4. Configure the toolkit to use your key with ripe-atlas configure --set authorisation.create=MY_API_KEY
  5. View the help for measurement creation with ripe-atlas measure --help
  6. Create a measurement with ripe-atlas measure ping --target example.com

Advanced Use

Refer to the complete usage documentation for more advanced options.