For those interested in packaging RIPE Atlas Tools for their favourite distro, this section is for you.

Currently Supported

  • OpenBSD
  • FreeBSD

In Progress

  • Gentoo Linux: Daniel Quinn has an overlay in development.
  • Debian Linux: Apollon Oikonomopoulos is working with the RIPE Atlas team to ensure that everything conforms to Debian standards.

Additional Distributions

Is your distribution not listed? If you’d like to build a package for another distro or even if you’re just someone who knows someone who can help us package and distribute this, please get in touch.

Further Information

User Agent

When packaging, it’s good practise to manually set the user agent used within the toolkit so that we can get a rough idea of which distros are using this software. This is easily done by writing an arbitrary string to <root>/ripe/atlas/tools/user-agent. Something like this is recommended::

RIPE Atlas Tools (Magellan) [FreeBSD 10.2] 1.2

The only limitations to this file are that it should:

  • Only have one line in it (all other will be ignored)
  • That line should have a maximum of 128 characters in it